How Virasat was Born

July 9th, 2021

A Cup of Chai, A Newspaper, and A Group of Changemakers: How Virasat was BornSurreal: That is the emotion one feels when looking back at Virasat years after its inception. To think that something conceived so spontaneously; a project which rarely anyone believed in, led by a group of students armed only with a mind for business and a heart for the world, would grow to uplift entire villages and provide hundreds of people with livelihoods: Nothing would suit these turn of events other than “Surreal”.The journey of Virasat has been an interesting one, but its impact and inception set it apart from any other craft organization out there. Here’s the story:One fine morning, Arjun Goel and his comrades from Enactus SRCC came across the Thathiyar craft while browsing through a newspaper, over a good old cup of chai. He still recalls those moments like it happened yesterday: “A newspaper article, that’s where it all began. I remember how we were all taken aback when we read about the fact that an Indian craft, practiced by a group of artisans lying so close to Amritsar was included in UNESCO’s 'List of Intangible Cultural Heritage'.The Thatheras at WorkRather than the fact that there was an Indian craft included in the list, what struck our friends the most was that none of them were aware of the existence of such a village, community, or this supposedly world-famous craft form, even though many lived close to Jandiala Guru, home to Punjab’s Thatheras....

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