Rethinking Handicrafts

May 13th, 2021

“Ever since the pandemic started and tourists stopped coming in, we have not even been able to sell enough to pay our rent.”The eyes of Aman Chacha, a small handicraft artisan in the streets of Bikaner was hiding a tinge of sadness. He fears that if this situation continues, he may well have to close up shop and bid adieu to the craft he had been practicing for his entire life. For thousands of others working in handicrafts like Aman chacha, the situation is no different.An empty handicraft enclave in Nathdwara, in direct contrast to the busy streetAman chacha is just one of many working in handicrafts that have been brutally hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent repercussions, and each of them has almost the same thing to say; With the travel bans and badly hit tourism industry, the customers who used to purchase their products the most have disappeared. A Karigar in his workshopThe news gets even grimmer. Due to the economic crunch brought in by the pandemic, the exports of Indian handicrafts have also taken a huge hit....

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