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Usta Golden Aura Frame

SKU: UA_005
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Intricately designed with floral motifs and delicately painted in red and green hue, this frame comes with pure 24 Carat gold embossing. With their delicate leaf designs incorporated in the traditional rectangular shape, these frames, with beautiful and intricate 24 Carat gold leaf embossing, are a must-have! It can be a wonderful gift for weddings, birthdays, housewarming, etc. A great addition to your antique-inspired space. Wooden frame decors have a place in almost everyone's decor because they're versatile enough to go with both traditional and contemporary styling. Keep your home wall decorative and stylish with this traditional and beautiful ethnic wooden frame. The fine craftsmanship and exquisite design of this frame embody uniqueness and taste. The frame is made of wood with beautiful carvings on it making it an essential ethnic Indian Decor product to be added to your home. Hang it on any wall and create an alluring look. Embellish your home or office space with this extremely elegant piece of home decor. It will add an enchanting look to your space effortlessly.

Why purchase this product?

By purchasing this product, you are providing employment for 21 hours to an artisan.

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