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Usta Tissue Box

SKU: UA_015
Why purchase this product? By purchasing this product, you are providing employment for 20 hours to an artisan. The size of this product is 10 inches X 4 Inches X 3.5 Inches.
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The first in a series of products that aims to reimagine traditional Indian handicrafts in a modern setting, the Usta tissue box is a testament to the magic that can be brought out through the superfluous fusion of traditional and contemporary craft-styles. A perfect blend of the utilitarian and decorational aspect of handicrafts, the piece is designed to be a tribute to the bygone days of Usta glory. Starting its journey as a log, the majestic piece of pinewood is then transformed into a rectangular miracle through 20 painstaking hours of sweat and hardwork, painstakingly done by hand. The ornate designs coupled with the miniature paintings of Usta inspired from Rajasthani folk art truly makes this a piece to die for.

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